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Clemons Benefits Company, a Seattle firm, brought CJC a partially developed Internet site with the need to add the capability to offer customers the ability to request estimates for employee benefits online.  The finished product is one of the most advanced such systems on the Internet.

Over the past year, Craig Johnston Communications has completed a number of Internet sites.

A site which indexes the states of Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska and California Internet resources for clients of the AEQUUS Corporation lobbying firm has been completed.  Current information on Washington State bills under legislative consideration is updated daily for AEQUUS clients.  The site also allows those clients to send an email  to the entire membership of a house of the legislature in those states in a single process..

CJC also completed a site for Sunrise Resorts, a private RV Campground operator in Washington and Arizona. Sunrise wanted to give prospective members a chance to look over their campgrounds and membership packages via the web. They also wanted to give their members some special capablilities over the web, such as making campground reservations. The site went online in the middle of November, and has seen growing traffic.

Pacific Printing is a commercial printing business which was on the rebound last summer and wanted a web page which would market its services and make it convenient for customers to request bids over the Internet. CJC built a system which has helped Pacific Printing become a leader in the printing business again. To view the online bid request system, click the Pacific Printing logo above.

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Biometric Partners, Inc. (BPI) an American/German firm, holds patents on technology which takes a revolutionary step forward in finger and palmprint imaging.  Such imaging is important for both access control and forensic purposes.

BPI needed to illustrate their imager's features and the quality of its images.  The CD ROM CJC a trial version of the CD ROM which CJC is developing for BPI has already been shown to customers with good results.  The finished product will be used at trade shows, in one-on-one sales calls with customers, and sent to prospective customers around the world.

While many CD-ROM authoring technologies exist, CJC is using Macromedia Authorware for the BPI project, which will allow the CD to be played with no installation necessary on all modern PCs and Macs.

Pulsair Systems, Inc. developed a revolutionary process for mixing liquids. It uses pizza shaped bubbles formed at the bottom of a tank to create movement within the tank and mix its contents. The process is so different from the classic mechanical mixing long used in the industry that animation is the only way to effectively explain the process. Pulsair's new CD-ROM developed by CJC accomplishes this by incorporating simple animation along with video and still pictures put together in a narrated 10 minute presentation. The presentation can be played in an endlessly repeating mode at trade shows, and in once through fashion for individual sales calls. Through its interactive menu system, sales representatives or customers can jump from one mode or part of the presentation to another quickly in response to questions. Click Pulsair's logo for a brief sample of the CD presentation. (Caution: it may take a while to download.)

Also built into the CD is a heavily indexed and hyperlinked information system making Pulsair brochure and newsletter materials available for easy reference. Since Pulsair began distribting the new CD in December, they've received frequent requests for additional copies for other departments and customers.

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Golf Range Construction, Inc., the leading builder of golf driving ranges, wanted to reach a small but select market of investors who are taking advantage of the incredible boom in the golf industry. They market by direct contact, small mailings and trade show exhibitions.

Craig Johnston Communications, LLC steered the client from an originally planned video presentation to a CD-ROM with a fully audio/video Multimedia presentation for individual client viewing as well as an endless loop presentation as an element for their trade show exhibit.

Click Golf Range Construction's logo above to view a brief sample of the presentation. (Caution, it will take a while to download.)

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The Washington State Housing Finance Commission helps builders of Low-Income Housing gain financing through Tax-Exempt Bonding and Income Tax Credits. Ongoing tennent record keeping by project owners is necessary to maintain the favorable financing status, with the possibility of millions of dollars hanging in the balance.

The Commission's Compliance Division needed an instructional video to alert new apartment managers to the tenant documentation required and to inform them of the various forms of assistance the Commission offers.

Craig Johnston Communications, LLC, working through Washington Interactive Technologies, a state agency, wrote, produced and directed two 11 minute videos which were sent to each property owner and are shown at Commission sponsored training sessions.

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